What keeps us sane? An unchanging God in an ever changing world.



I’m a hoarder.

Don’t get me wrong.

  • My garage still holds two cars.
  • No towers of old newspapers line the hallways of my home.

It’s the nooks and crannies of my mind that bulge with stuff.  Every memory I can get my hands on had been squished and squeezed into any available space.

You see, my daughter is going away to New Zealand for six months. That’s a long time.

So, I’ve been trying to

  • go out to coffee with her.
  • stay up for late night chats.
  • clear my schedule for shopping and spontaneous lunch dates. 

Can’t stop. I’m a mom. Holding on is what I’m wired to do.

That’s why I pretend nothing will never change. Everyone will stay the same. Life will stay on pause just where I want it to.

I just can’t let go.

Deep down I know the truth.

  1. Kids grow up.
  2. Parents age.
  3. Family dynamics change.

Basically, nothing is this world stays the same. neighborhoods change.  Churches Change. Even the weather patterns change.

Only God stays the same. Yesterday, today and forever.

  • He is always with us even though we cannot look upon His face.
  • He understands us even though we are sometimes confused about who we even are.
  • He knows where we are headed even if we are not sure where we have even been.

Best part of all – He keeps us in the hollow of His hand. You. Me. The ones we love. We are together there.

Makes New Zealand seem not so far away.

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