Splurge with your words-You can bring life to a discouraged world.



This weekend I’m up in the woods with my husband. The northwest foothills of the mighty Mt. Baker.

Sure, it’s no fancy hotel.

But, who needs that? We are together. In a tiny trailer just reading books and chilling out.

It’s times like this that make me realize just how rich I am. Just how vast the resources I possess.

The intangibles.

Don’t overlook those. What you see won’t last forever. It’s what you give and how you live that will stand for eternity.

Want to go on a spending spree this weekend? Live extravagantly for once? Go crazy with those invisible resources.

Here’s a good starting place- splurge with your words.

That’s right. Don’t hold back the good thoughts. The thankful feelings. Let people know if they have

  1. encouraged,
  2. inspired
  3. or just plain made you feel a little more at home in this crazy world.

It won’t empty your pocket book.  

But, it will make you think. That’s right. This is not an exercise of platitudes like “Oh, you’re 

  • so great.
  • So wonderful. 
  • So amazing.

Be specific. It’s much more honest. It someone has truly impacted you, there will be details.

When you are encouraging someone else, do the same. Sincere encouragement is more than just blurbs like

  • Hang in there.
  • Be cool.
  • Smile.

Smile? Really? You can do better than that. Get down and dirty with encouragement.  No long distance I-can-barely-see-you-but-I’m-rooting-for-you kind of encouragement.

The Bible says that life and death is in the power of the tongue.

So don’t let anyone waste away from discouragement on your watch. Get busy. Bring hope. Speak life.