The glory and wonder of MONDAYS-The shame and the agony. What’s so special about this day?


2012-10-03 23 23 12 (2)

The time has come.

I’ve whined and pouted about every little boo-b00 life gave me. I nagged you about turning your life around. I even revealed those crazy moments of my life to see if I could make you laugh. Even snort.

By the way, nothing in the blog was made up.

It’s a blog, for heaven’s sake. Not some kind of peep show for those who like to view the delusions of a stress-out middle aged woman.

Everything happened just like I said it did.

And, more stuff will happen. just as sure as I’m sitting on the couch with the TV on pause so I can write this thing. More living. More material.

So, when do I get to make things up? Write down the frantic ranting of an out-of-control imagination?

Just about…now. Yes, right now. This month. I’m gonna grab me a short story and wrestle it to the ground.

Yeah, I know. Might need to work on my metaphors. But, hey, I am going to write some fiction. Put it on my blog.

First, I got to write it. This month.

So…No more Tuesday blog. No more Wednesday, Thursday and Friday blog.  

But, MONDAY is still our day.

We will get together. Every single Monday. 

Which reminds me…have you ever seen The Green Mile? I did. Last week. It rocked my world. The raw purity of good and the simple cruelty of evil. greed of evil. And, what about kids and the decisions their parents make when they are little? I’ve got a humdinger of a dilemma for that one.

Did I say humdinger? 

Come back. Monday. Let’s talk.

I”ll be here.

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