It’s not Monday yet but I just couldn’t wait to share the marvelous advancement of urine samples

I said I was only going to blog on Mondays. And, I mean it. You know, blog. Philosophize about all sorts of crazy things.

But, dang it, I can’t let you miss the wonders of the universe waiting for a weekly dose of my half-baked wisdom.

And is one of the wonders. I gazed upon it’s glory on Friday. During a Doctor’s visit. Not just any doctor. A Urologist. Not that this began to explain the wonder of what I beheld. But, it sure added to the meaning.

“I need to use the washroom,” I said to the receptionist after she checked me in, “Do I need to…you know…give a sample…”

“No,” the receptionist said and waved her hand toward the place wither the washroom keys were hanging, “Not today.”

And that’s when I saw it. The greatest example of recycling on the face of the earth.

bathroom keys


You fill it.

They test it.

Who rinses it out for the next guy?

Go figure.

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