The Naked Soul-what to do when needy people interrupt your life.



The naked soul.

I’ve seen more than one or two. Wearing all their hurts on the outside. Their disappointments waving in the wind.

It makes people uncomfortable. After a while folks just look the other way.

Can’t really blame them.  I mean, enough is enough. We all have our own lives to live. Jobs to do. Kids to raise. Ministries to grow.

We don’t need to be running around saving the whole entire world.

Or, do we?

Just when I’ve think I’ve had enough of needy people, I come face to face with a naked soul.

For just a second I see past the

  • litany of woes.
  • repetitions of who-done-me-wrong

and look into pain it takes my breath away.  

No doubt, we all go through hard times. But, some people grapple with situations we cannot begin to comprehend. Their cries for help sound needy but their desperation is real. 

God forbid that we would ignore them until it is too late.

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