Getting off the roller-coaster of emotions and grabbing the hand of truth.


roller coaster of emotionsIt was the year 1977. I stood in a brick building the width and length of an oversized surfboard. Every day from 1 in the afternoon until 8 at night cars pulled up. Trucks. Volkswagen vans.

They all wanted money.

No, I was not some kind of a genie in a supersized bottle. I was a bank teller in one of the roughest neighborhoods of Dallas, Texas. If that was not scary enough I could barely add and subtract.

But, hey, I was in college and flat broke.  

This was before personal computers and ATM machines. I had to use an adding machine. Balance the cash at night.

There were some exciting moments.

I remember laying flat on the floor of the teller booth for over an hour.  It happened when someone called in to say they were going to rob the place. Note: it was a false alarm. I mean who calls in a robbery ahead of time?

A few nights I tracked down total strangers after I gave out too much money. And, yes, I got the money back. That’s when I learned about the unflinching  integrity of little old ladies on fixed income. 

This job also gave me my first exposure to rock music.  Yes, at nineteen years old. Until then, I’d survived on a diet of gospel quartet tunes and good ole hymns. Like I’ve said in other blogs, I grew up believing that the entire rock music scene was the devil’s workshop. Here I was in His shop soaking in tunes like

  • Stop in the Name of Love,
  • You’ve Blown It All Sky High,
  • and Emotions by the Bee Gees

as they blasted through the bank speakers.

Emotions by the Bee Gees became my favorite. Maybe it was because that’s the way I lived. Every emotion got my full attention.

Why not?

I figured it I felt something it had to be true. If I felt ugly, I was ugly. If I felt like life was hopeless, it had to be.

I never considered that emotions could be wrong.

I guess I never really listened to the chorus close enough.

The Bee Gees were right.

“…it’s just emotion
that’s taking me over
tied up in sorrow
lost in my soul…”

When I let my emotions take over, I end up nothing more than a

  1. blubbering knot of sorrow.
  2. lost puppy of a soul.

Not the way I want to spend my days.

I’d rather hold the hand of truth. It’s the foundation for healthy relationships. It’s the road map that leads to spiritual wholeness.

Not exactly the thrill a roller coaster. But, exactly what I need.

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