Part 2–The Roller Coaster of Emotions and Cheesy solutions



Pat answers are nothing more than the lame sound bites politicians deliver in hopes of impressing voters. 

We spout them to the emotional messes around us and wait for the tears to disappear.

I’m one of those emotional messes. And, I’ve got news for you.

Sometimes life just sucks.

We cry. We rage. That’s normal.

But, we cross the line when we lose ourselves in food, sex or some kind of fantasy world. That’s when the crazy roller coaster ride of emotions begins.

Not a good idea.

Emotions at best are unpredictable. They need to be handled with wisdom, courage and patience.

Why? Because we DO feel things for a reason. But, our feelings are not always reasonable.

It takes wisdom to figure out what triggers our turmoil. It takes courage to face what’s behind the triggers. And, it takes patience to change the  thoughts that defeat us day after day after day.

Maybe you’re thinking “Hey, I know my Bible. It says to take captive every thought to the obedience of Christ. Easy Peasy.  Simple Dimple”.

Think again. And, this time, leave out the cheesy idioms.

Capturing anything is a tough gig. It takes aggression and determination. A emotionally mature wannabe will not do so unless he or she is grounded in God’s truth.   

So, I challenge you, fellow sniveler.

Get up off your snot-crusted bed of sorrow and join me in the fight. We can take back the joy of living one nasty little thought at a time. 

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