Lest We Forget…the heroes in our lives.



This Sunday is Remembrance day in Canada. A time to remember the Canadian soldiers who sacrificed for our freedom.

But, all I can think of are the Schaal brothers.

They are American World War Two heroes. Courageous in hand to hand combat. Fearless in B52 bomber raids over Europe.

All of them are my uncles. One of them was legend. 

During the the darkest days of World War Two uncle Alfred, Stanley and Hubert served overseas.

Uncle Junior? He stayed home. The guy was old enough to wear a uniform. But, someone had  to help Grandpa on the farm. Three Schaal boys had already gone. Wasn’t that enough?

Evidently not.

After agonizing and pleading with Grandpa, Junior enlisted too. Shortly thereafter, he found himself in the biggest and bloodiest battle of World War Two.

The Battle of the Bulge.

During this battle, 19,000 Allied Soldiers died.

Junior was one of them. He never came home. Fell in love. Raised a family. Played with his grandkids.

That’s why he is legend.

That’s why other fallen soldiers remain legends in the hearts of those they left behind.  Canadians. Americans. European alike.

Lest we forget.

Lest we

  • moan
  • complain
  • and bellyache

so much about the details of our lives we cease to tremble at the magnitude of our blessing.

We are free to achieve, to dream, to worship. 

Lest we forget. 

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