Facing Change without Freaking Out


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I hate change.

Maybe it’s because it takes so long for me to get used to new surroundings. New circumstances. New people.

Sometimes I respond by faking it. 

  • Fake smiles.
  • Fake laughter.

I even offer fake opinions.  In a desperate move to connect socially, I blurt out what I think people want to hear.

Fact is, I’m terrified of change. 

But, it happens.  In fact, it’s happening right now. My kids are leaving home. And, I’m scared.

Greatest fear? Finding out what really lies beneath the layers of mom that have wrapped themselves around me for the last twenty five years.  

What if it’s nothing more than a

  • minivan driving maniac
  • or a bulk foods buying diva?

Sounds scary and a little silly. But, it’s the way it is.

I hate change.

But, I can’t avoid it. In fact, I need it. Change makes me take a good look at who I am. It also challenges me to explore possibilities outside my comfort zone.    

Change hurts. Change heals. Change is forces all of us to grow.

What about you? What’s slipping away in your world? What’s  invading your comfort zone? How are you dealing with change?

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