What lies beneath–when food fantasies give way to pondering the incomprehensible scope of who we are, how we even exist and how we got here.


planet earth

I was walking in a grassy field near my house. In the rain. At night. The air smelled like strawberry glaze. The ground felt as spongy as a freshly dunked donut.

I confess, sometimes my mind swims in the culinary gutter.

My excuse?

I’ve been off sugar for three weeks. The way all four of my appendages twitch at the mention of sweets, you’d think I was coming off airplane glue or rubbing alcohol.

Anyway, I’m walking in this grassy field as soft as newly whipped frosting. That’s when I step on something hard. Think cast iron frying pan solid.

I look down. A whitish stone surface peeks from the expanse of grass like a bit of hard ice cream emerging from it’s carton. I stomp on it with my foot.  I feels thick. Unyielding. Indeterminate in size.

Maybe you’re thinking peanut brittle on steroids.

Not this time. Something about this small patch of earth captivates my imagination. For a while, I forget about inhaling more calories. 

Instead, I wonder –

How wide is this stone?

How far does it go down?

How many more of these chunks are residing underneath the surface?

While the dog runs in circles and the rain flattens my hair,  I ponder the implications of what lies beneath my feet.

Sound weird?

Maybe, if a grown woman is

  • thinking about the layers of the earth in the middle of the rain
  • pondering the precise composition of the magnificent chunk of matter supporting the intricate ecosystem essential to her survival.

But, what if weird is simply  ignoring reality?

When you think about it, the complexity of what it takes for us to live and breathe is mind-boggling.

  1. The persistent beating of our heart,
  2. the never ending process of cellular regeneration,
  3. the intake of oxygen,
  4. the eliminations of waste,
  5. the joint workings of the mind with the physical form.

And, don’t forget the world around us. We need the atmosphere to maintain its perfect composition, the earth to stay in it’s strategic position to survive.

We live and move and breathe merely because countless factors align in minute precision day after day after day.

Anyone who prances across the earth’s surface  thinking all this came about by chance is just plain

  • daft
  • foolishly arrogant
  • totally insane.

Pretty deep ponderings from just one walk in the field. But, what can I say?

The rock was there all the time.

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