The Monday Morning Blog- The holiday season on steroids. What is it really about?


piles of presents

How was my U.S. thanksgiving?

(Note-Being the good dual citizen that I am, I went across the border and celebrated.)

It was one day of intense  family emphasis followed by four days of unbridled greed.

Now, I’m pooped.

Fortunately, I didn’t t start shopping until two in the afternoon. By then, there were no

  • door crasher TV’s for under 20 bucks (Has there ever been?)
  • or DVD’s five for a dollar. (At least not any DVD’s made by intelligent life forms)

But, I did buy a box of those Rubbermaid storage containers for six dollars. 

Maybe you think I’m a saint or at least a dedicated minimalist with a heart of gold.

Truth is, I spent my wad of cash a few week ago at the Canadian Banana Republic Outlet store.  An empty wallet and the vow not to carry charges on the credit cards from month to month sure shortens the shopping list. And reminding my self of these two little nuggets of truth really helped-

  1. Most wants are , well, just impulses that eventually passif not allowed to run wild through your mind all day.
  2. Needs are not just spacey blonde I-have-nothing-to-wear kind of situations.  Needs deal with
  • real hunger and empty cupboards,
  • bare feet and worn out clothing
  • and no place to call home.

The author of the first book of Timothy talked about people who thought being holy could make them rich.

Bad idea.

“But godliness with contentment is great gain”. the author insisted, “for we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it .”

Not even a flat screen TV at door crasher prices?

Not even close.

“ But if we have food and clothing,” he wrote,  “we will be content with that.”


That’s the most underrated emotional and spiritual commodity today. Maybe that’s because contentment isn’t 

  • manufactured overseas in a sweat shop
  • or even carefully designed in a Made in the USA only factory.

It’s an attitude of the heart. 

By the looks of my heart, I could use a little therapy or maybe just a few distinct life changes. Resisting the siren call of commercialism would be a start. Responding to the goodness of God by being

  1. thankful for what He has done
  2. and content for what He has given

would be revolutionary. Life changing.  

In the end, that’s what Thanksgiving and Christmas are really about. 

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