Ending the year playing mind games with bags of veggies and starting the new year determined to speak the truth in love. Who said life was easy?



Another year is done.

Not bad. This year I managed not to 

  • lock the keys in the car while it was running
  • spill a bucket of paint on the living room carpet
  • or try to cross the US/Canadian border within 24 hours of having a radioactive medical procedure.

It was one way to keep life less uncomplicated.

But, I must confess that I did steal a bag of baby kale from Wal-Mart in Oklahoma. Just yesterday.

I know. Stuff happens. After I came home from shopping I realized that I had left the veggies at the register. Went back. Asked for another bag for free. The next morning I found the original bag in my back pack.

What can I say? Kale is just a weird vegetable. Really weird. Kind of scary, really.

This morning, after I recovered from

  • by  almost being framed
  • for theft
  • by a sack of veggies,

I decided to work out. You see, there’s this great place in the hotel where we are staying for Christmas in Oklahoma. It’s a block from my son’s tiny apartment.

During my sweat-fest on the elliptical I watched the Today show. The host interviewed a local news anchor in LaCrosse, Wis. Her name is Jennifer Livingston. In October she responded publicly to a letter from a view who berated her for her weight.

The response went viral. School teachers used her words as material in the classroom.


This woman dared to speak out against a a toxic lie perpetuated by modern culture-people are only as valuable as the number on a scale declares them to be.

Jennifer Livingston countered with the truth, pure and simple.

That’s what I would like to do. Not easy for a pleaser like me. Sometimes I mess with the facts to make people like me. There are even times I say the opposite of what I’m really thinking so that I won’t disappoint anyone.

Not this year.

I want to challenge modern culture with truth. Living truth. God’s truth.   Truth about His love. Truth about the worth of each and every one of us in His eyes. 

Sounds courageous? Could be scary for someone like me.

But, in the end, it’s more meaningful than playing mind games with a bag of kale from Wal-Mart.

Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Ending the year playing mind games with bags of veggies and starting the new year determined to speak the truth in love. Who said life was easy?

    1. yeah, that is the hard question. No, I did not return the kale. I didn’t even find it until it was not in the best shape! But, yeah, going into the store demanding a replacement for something you actaully still had is pretty brash or ditzy. I still do not remember sticking a huge bag of kale in my backback. Maybe it’s a subconscious yearning to hit the open road and eat like a rabbit! hope you had a great christmas!

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