The Worn Out Books With Nasty Stains Top 100 List features “Little Princes -One Man’s Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal”.

worn out book

I’m always on the lookout for awesome books.

  • Mind bending mysteries
  • Pee-your-pants-scary thrillers
  • Non-fiction accounts that keep you riveted until the bathtub water turns cold.

Last year I had a yearning to know more about the Amish community. I wondered how they held onto

  • their customs
  • challenges
  • and values

in our fast paced world. For hours, I combed through biographies on amazon.

Then, I found it.

A great book.  But, it had nothing to do with Amish anything. This manuscript dealt with human trafficking in Nepal.

Did I order it?

No. It was too expensive. So, I looked at the seller’s list of used books. Their prices made me wonder if the publisher used leaves of gold for pages.

So, I gave up. Moved on with my life. Eventually, I even forgot the name of the book.

But, not forever.  One afternoon, I entered the Fireman’s Thrift Store. While perusing  book section, I saw it.

Little Princes-One Man’s Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal.

My book. And, it wasn’t a penny over two bucks. I

  • snatched that paperback
  • headed home and
  • propped it up by the kitchen sink.

For the next few hours my kids thought I was washing dishes. How could they know I had joined 29-year-old Conor Grennan on a year long trek around the world. Then, Conor’s mom made him promise to spend a few months of his trip helping a humanitarian cause.

Who knew that those months would shape  Conor’s life just as surely as the shiny machines at Dairy Queen shape soft ice cream.

We all need shaping, that’s for sure.

That was part of the intrigue for me. The seemingly random decisions that change the course of one man’s life. The hand of God changing one man’s heart.

  • Orphans.
  • Terrorists.
  • Isolated villages.

What’s not to love?

Little Princes made the The Worn Out Books With Nasty Stains Top 100 List. Need I say more?

If you are not a documented danger to society and you know where I live, I might even loan you my copy. If not, look it up on Amazon. Visit your local thrift store.

Read this book!

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