Top 100 worn-out books with nasty stains presents The Kindness of Strangers by Katrina Kittle

worn out book

Benjamin Franklin once said “give me twenty six lead soldiers and I will conquer the world”. Sure, the guy is ancient history. And, the reference to twenty six lead soldiers doesn’t make too much sense with out antiquated printing presses around.

But, I know what exactly the guy was talking about. Prose in any form has the potential to change the world.


  • Uncle Tom’s Cabin.
  • Les Miserables
  • Animal Farm

All three works shook up the conscience of complacent society.

Books inspire us, infuriate us and can absolutely change the way we see things. sometimes help us change our minds. The book that made the top 100 list of Worn-out Books With Nasty Stains this week is The Kindness of Strangers

book cover

Although this is on my top 100 list, it may not make your list at all due to the sensitive nature of the topic. 

It’s a novel that spotlights the unspeakable things that go on in

  • everyday society,
  • in an ordinary neighborhood,
  • in well-respected families.

The sexual abuse of children.

WARNING -Some of the language is a bit rough. But, the plot is gripping.   

What if the people you thought you knew so well were not what they seemed to be?

What about their children? How do they find their way out of nightmares they never choose to dream?

What about the neighbors, people like you and me?

Katrina Kittle doesn’t write to convert the sinner. I’m not sure if she is even a Christian. She just spins a tale in hopes that we will want to stick around, reach out to the innocent victims and try to understand.

Expand your emotional horizons. Explore the rugged landscape of compassion.

Read The Kindness of Strangers

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