Taking Back the Future–what to do when bad memories hang around

monday leged

Dreading  the dawn of Monday.

That’s what I do.

Ever since I started elementary school, my stomach clenches  at the mention of the first day of the week. Somehow, it brings back the

  • smell of of greasy tuna fish sandwiches wrapped in wax paper,
  • agony of wandering through the lunch room and not finding a friendly face or a place to sit,
  • embarrassment of having no homework to hand in because I never thought of it over the weekend.

Thing is, I haven’t held a wax-paper wrapped tuna sandwich in a long time. I seriously doubt the lunchroom-of- doom is still standing after all these years. I bet those teachers have long forgotten the the stacks and piles of homework that never got done.

Honestly, I would prefer not to the old Mondays in my mind any more.

So, when the bad memories start to

  • drag me back
  • to the worst recollections of my past

I guess I’ll just have to hang on to the good of the here and now.

Believe me, focusing on the tiniest spec of hope makes a big difference. It can keep a  person from sliding away.

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