When Facebook Envy Gets You Down

turn signal

I’ve been going a little crazy lately, trying to prove my worth. I mean, seriously, what have I done with my life?

Compared with other status updates on Facebook, not so much.

On my best days, I can barely

  • make my way
  • through the paragraphs of deep insight
  • that people post about the mysteries of life

much less come up with thoughts of my own.  I mean, seriously, where do these folks park their brains at night?  In some high tech vault complete with cooling-off technology designed to prevent explosions from brilliance overload?

I just don’t get around that much spiritually, intellectually or socially. The result? No great status.

And, no great pics.

That’s the worst part. No up close shots of fascinating moments in my  riveting life.

I admit it. I compare myself with other people. Not wise. Then, I feel sorry for myself instead of being glad for their success.

It’s so wrong.

And, knowing that makes me feel bad. What should I do?

  • Change my profile to “living in sin”?
  • Or update my status to “hanging around waiting for God reach down from heaven and smack me silly”?

I won’t because that’s not God’s style. He’s kind and gracious and does what needs to be done in own His time.

Like today.

God got my attention and straightened me out.

It happened around 11:00 a.m. I drove my car down 152nd street and reached for my right hand turn signal.  At that moment, a song came on the radio. As soon as I heard the lyrics, I knew the words were meant for me.

“Be…be still” the vocalist sang if she had all day to share a single, spectacular eternal truth, “and know…I am God”

Suddenly, I remembered that this whole relationship thing between me and God has never been based on accomplishments or insight.

It was all about filling my

  • heart,
  • mind
  • and soul

with thoughts of God.

That’s all.

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