Loving losers, wierdos, freaks and other people like you and me.



When I was in junior high school everybody wanted to be cool. Nobody wanted to be a loser. 

Not much has changed.  

It still matters

  • who looks the best,
  • makes the most money,
  • has the most education,
  • networks with the most people,
  • has the biggest ministry.

There is something is our DNA that drives us to make a big deal over people who do big things in big ways.

Maybe we don’t have to worry about ending up at the lunchroom table with the weirdos and the geeks anymore, but it’s still not cool to be around  losers

  • At work,
  • In the community,
  • or even at church.

Not so with Jesus. He hung out with some seriously messed up people.

  • Made eye contact with them.
  • Touched them respectfully and compassionately,  
  • Went to their houses and just spent time talking and eating with them.

I have amazing friends who

  • don’t always “get” social skills,
  • sometimes struggle with emotional wellness,
  • have ideas that often make so sense at all.

They are the ones who help me to keep life in perspective and not take myself so seriously.

And, what about the folks who 

  • barely make enough money to pay their rent but would give their last dime to help someone else, 
  • pastor churches the size of outhouses but still serve God faithfully,
  • get stepped on and shoved aside and love people anyway?

If you think they are losers, please include me. It would be an honor to count them as friends.

One thought on “Loving losers, wierdos, freaks and other people like you and me.

  1. Amen! Someone who knows how much Christ loves them, does not need to pick friends who will prop up their image. He or she will realize that in Christ’s eyes everyone has infinite value, and have as their motto, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

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