Bawl babies, superheroes and emotional blobs who huddle beneath the shield of Almighty God.



Sunday was a very emotional day. It didn’t help that I’m a bawl baby at  heart.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I cry non-stop. It only happens when I’m incredibly overwhelmed with

  • stress
  • joy
  • sadness
  • self-pity
  • fatigue
  • and the ending of most super sad movies and even some super sad commercials.

For those who have already vowed to run the other way the next time they see me in public, I want you to know that I don’t slobber and wail all the time. I am a normal human who functions without risk to others in everyday society.

It’s just that I leak a lot. (No smart remarks here. You know what I mean.)

Honestly, when it come to crying I wish had super powers.  I’d leap over heart wrenching moments with a single bound. People would call me Captain Super-happy.

But, I’m just emotionally messy me. It’s really embarrassing sometimes.

Just this last Sunday I was crying during the worship time at church. In a matter of seconds my not so flawlessly applied make-up washed away. To stop the flow, I squeezed my eyes shut.

Didn’t work.

As I berated myself for not being a stronger person, the lyrics of the worship song caught my attention.

“You alone are my strength, my shield…”

I suddenly caught a glimpse of my my not-so-super-self  huddled in a muddy field of emotions. I felt weak and exposed. But when I peeked through swollen eyes, I saw the the shield of God’s strength and love overshadowing me.

I still “leaked” a bit. It’s what I do. But, I kept thinking about God and how His perfect character makes a difference in the imperfect me.

God alone is my strength, my shield. That’s why bawl babies like me can’t wait to worship Him.

2 thoughts on “Bawl babies, superheroes and emotional blobs who huddle beneath the shield of Almighty God.

  1. Hey Renee, great blog! I wait and read a bunch of them at once, love them all! This one hit home today for me. I just spent 3 days crying so much that my sinuses got so bad it felt like a full blown head cold!! Over a JOB!! Sounds pretty stupid, but I loved that job, and the changes were such that I looked and found a new job, but had such hurt feelings over how I was treated, and sad that our work ‘family’ was taken over and broken up, that I cried for 3 days!! Well it’s behind me now, and I start a new job on Monday. I actually left 4 days early, because I was such an emotional wreck that I couldn’t do it anymore. I need time to recuperate, and be ready for my next ‘adventure’ in the workplace. I’m actually glad today that I did. But I do think now about how small this situation is compared to so many others dilemma’s. God has led me on another path, and I went kicking and screaming, but I do trust that HE will lead me on the RIGHT path, so now I’m looking forward, not backward. The crying thing must run in the family, I’m pretty weepy myself more than the usual person, but oh well, It does finally cleanse us! Thanks for the great blogs, you know how to make us think, and know that the Big Picture is JESUS!!

    1. So,I’m not the only one! And, hey, I’ve been following the saga of your comments on facebook. I think you are courageous and resilient to handle this major change in your life. You are right, work can be a family and a whole social networking to say the least. Your reply ended up encouraging me. Yes, it must be something in the Favor genes. An extra cleansing cycle. If only I could run it when no one was around. I hate it when it automatically starts in public. People think I’m in a perpetual state of menopause. Ha! But, hey, it keeps the blood pressure down. Love you lots! Just saying you read my blog made my day!

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