Happy Birthday to me–Messy love in an uptight world

dirty kid


I’m blogging and it’s not Monday. Somebody help me find my meds.

Just kidding.  Usually, I only blog once a week but today is a momentous occasion.  I’m not talking about 

  • the 4th of July (the 1st of July for all us Canadians. We  have an independence day too, you know.  Go Canucks!)
  • my parole hearing- I’ve never been to jail because lame humor is NOT a crime. So there.   
  • the first day of the rest of my life. Well, it is, I guess. But, that saying is so old it’s just lame. And, not really very humorous. Should be illegal. Seriously. 

Sorry, my slightly clever self is just getting carried away because…it’s my BIRTHDAY!

Yes, the momentous occasion of which I speak  is the celebration

  • of the fifty-fifth year
  • of my existence on planet Earth.

On this day I reserve the right to be corny and lame when it comes to humor.

Bottom line,  I’m glad to be here.

On Earth.

Good thing because oxygen is my drug of choice. Unlike the declaration made by a former United States president, I inhale. All the time. Take that, Mr. C.   ( I know, lame. But, it’s my birthday.)

Guess what?

I have a gift for you. Yes, you. 

It’s a bit of wisdom.

Alright, I can feel it already. Resentment and disappointment. What did you think I was going to shell out? A cruise? Dinner for five at Denny’s?

Get a grip. It’s MY birthday, after all. And, I’ve been thinking about this for like an hour. Yes, sixty entire minutes. What to say. How to say it.

After much pondering, I came up with a short list.

  1. Be the best you can be.
  2. Live like there is no tomorrow.
  3. Eat your vegetables.
  4. Always leave your car running when you go into the bank.

Great advice, except for the car running-bank thing. It wastes gas and  makes you look mighty suspicious especially if you really rock the sunglasses and bandana over nose and mouth look. (I know, ha. ha. funny. funny. But, hey, it’s my B-day.)

Seriously, here it is. A nugget of wisdom rolling down from the mountain of old age.   

Go ahead and get dirty.

No, I’m not talking raunchy or vulgar. I’m talking crazy messy. I’m  talking about freefalling into dark and dingy places that haven’t seen the light of day in a long time.

Bottom line –loving people who are hurt and broken is very messy business. 

You can’t put them on a schedule or run them through some kind of relational carwash when things get muddy. There’s no money back guarantee for disappointment or heartache.

If you open up your heart, you are going to get dirty.

Enough said.

Life is short. Oxygen is sweet. Keep breathing and go get dirty. 

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me–Messy love in an uptight world

  1. Looks like you had a birthday while I was in Manitoba! Same date as my cousin and uncle. Love how you let loose in your article and had fun. Love what you say about loving people being a messy business. It’s true, but that’s the thrill of it! The unpredictable ride! Blessings!

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