Defying Gravity–how a handful of songs, great acting and a brilliant storyline blew my mind and challenged me live beyond the expectations of other people.



Last month I spent an entire Wednesday pushing and shoving through the teeming streets of London. Just when I thought I couldn’t take another step I stumbled into the Victoria Apollo theatre on #17 Wilton road.

Stumbled in with a ticket, of course. (I said that I couldn’t take another step –not that I became dumb as a stump.)

This was what I’d been waiting for ever since I punched  my credit card number

  • into the official website
  • back in Canada
  • months before we headed to England for my son’s wedding. 

Wicked, the musical.

Note- a few people, upon hearing the title of this musical have expressed concern for my moral scruples. Give me a break! And, don’t make me type the word “moral scruples” again. It’s not the dark ages.

Back to my ticket search.

It took hours and hours but I found the best seats in the house for the best price. On the main floor about mid way up. Worth every penny because I

  1. loved the music,
  2. loved the dancing
  3. and absolutely loved the outrageously brilliant storyline. 


But, it was more than just a fantastic mumble-jumble of clever lines and legendary vocals. (Emphasis on fantastic, please.)

It was  a wake –up call.

For me.

Dare I say it was a kick in the proverbial pants for ALL of us who have tolerated nice as opposed to good far too long?

I’m talking about being nice in order to get our way rather than doing what is right because it is the right thing to do.

Not a problem?

Come on, you and I both know that it is a delicate dance to stay in the good graces of everyone around us. 

But, oh, how we try.

wicked 6

Garnering the praise of the movers and shakers of this world can even be a bit heady. I’m not just referring to the rich and powerful on planet Earth. Sometimes we ignore what is right and true just to dazzle the influential folks in our own micro-spheres-

  • Our communities, 
  • Our schools,
  • Our places of employment
  • and even our churches.

It’s addictive and even dangerous.

Once we are hooked on approval it can distort our judgment, cloud our vision and eventually drag us down into a life we were never meant to live.

Defy gravity.

Resist the temptation to please everyone. Stand against the pressure to  impress rather than express our true selves.


Sure, it’s risky business to rise above what people think you should be and dare to be who God created you to be.

People will shake their heads, criticize and some may even see you as a troublemaker, a bad influence.

But, life is not a popularity contest. It is all about destiny. It’s about living in the truth. It’s about following God, not man.

Defy gravity.