If your tidy-whiteys fit perfectly, if all your ducks are lined up in a row, if life is a song and you’re just singing along- You are just annoying. But, hey, read this post anyway!


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Maybe your day was just super-duper, peachy keen.

Maybe not.

Last week, I kind of took a nose dive into an all-that’s-rotten-about-me funk. Happens a lot. No matter how I fiddle with the dials on my self-esteem or how many patches I put on the rickety contraption known as my reputation, I know the truth.

I really stink way deep inside. Get to really know me and you wil catch more than a whiff of

  • Selfishness,
  • Whining,
  • What About Me Pettiness
  • and just plain Why Can’t I Be Like Everyone Else Jealousy.

Nasty stuff, this inner core. Doesn’t exactly scream “I’m an awesome Christian”.

Or does it?

Perhaps “Look what I can do in the name of Jesus” is nothing but a game immature believers play.  We, of all people, should know that there is one thing we can never be on our own.

Good. Completely good inside and out.

That’s the message I got slapped with this Sunday. Only God is good. Not you. Not me. Not anybody else.

I needed the smack in the kisser, the sting on the cheeks. Otherwise I’d probably have daydreamed my way through another Sunday Service. Obviously God’s got my number. He’s got your number too or you would not be smirking through this blog.

Sure, we want to do good things. We certainly try.  But, we are not the source of good. At our center, is the ugliness of humanity. The dank reality of our fallen nature.

Now God, He is good, through and through. Pure and righteous. Just and holy. 

Remember how He gave only Son to be sin for us? Only through God’s Son can we be truly good. Forget

  • the self image upgrades
  • or extremely painful methods of penance like hurting and hating and shaming ourselves a million times a day.

God’s not looking for a do-it-yourself plan. He wants to take His own glorious image and stamp it right on the messed up lives of you and me. 

Even though I’ve heard it all my life, it still sounds a bit crazy and shocking, almost too wild and wonderful to be true.

But, that’s what the gospel is all about.

God is good and He loves an ugly and broken world. 

Maybe you’ll never get those ducks in a row.  Maybe just crawling out of bed is about the best you can do.

You are not alone.

We are all undone in the end. Only God is good. Only His is love is pure. Only He can redeem us. That is what the Gospel is all about.