Pilfered Holidays, Candy Stuffed Pillowcases and and Turkeys Dressed to Feed a Hundred and Five-What should we be thankful for anyway?


thanksgiving day feast

I know, I know. All you Americans feel ripped off. It’s like we snatched  those turkey and dressing right out of your primal hands.

Take it as a complement.

Now, we don’t  get all giddy and glassy eyed about pilgrims or Plymouth rock. Contrary to what you may believe, we did not suck the history right out of your red, white and blue mega brains with some kind of super secret Canadian weapon. Trust me, we hardly have enough military jeeps to go around.

We just want to emulate your grateful heart. That’s all.  And, we’re  not the only ones  Year after year the entire world

  • watches as the great bastion of liberty
  • celebrates
  • the first settlement of idealists

in an untamed land.

So, we decided to be thankful, too.  Is that so bad?

We thank God for the big kahunas like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We say thanks for momentous life events such as weddings and christenings, a child’s graduation and financial gains.

Mind you, it gets a bit heady up in the clouds of the big ticket items. I know I find it hard to breathe with the enormity of it all.  But, only a fool would not express gratitude for blessings received.

Sometimes, though, it feels more like sorting out sorting out   trick-or-treat candy on Halloween night. What exactly did I get this year anyway? Why didn’t I go to the houses with the big candy bars or the ones with the old ladies who just opened their coin purses and shelled it out? I have that same yucky feeling that I get when I watch kids sort out bags stuffed bigger than a turkey dressed for a family of a hundred and five. 

How much blessings does a person need anyway?

I don’t know. I’m not God. And, I don’t understand the logic or reason in the distribution process. Sometimes it can seem really random, even cruel.  Does good and bad stuff  just happen no matter how you live your life?

Sorry if you don’t think folks should travel such a road on a day like this. But, sometimes I do.

I can’t help but wonder why some People suffer in the middle of grateful praise. Hearts break while others celebrate. In the midst of flaming greatness, some of us can only see a  tiny bit of light. It seems to barely shine.

Maybe it’s only me, but I can’t help but wonder what kind of God would take time for such an ordinary people who live simple, ordinary lives.

I mess up all the time. I fall apart. I hurt. I laugh. I cry and doubt if life will ever make any sense at all.

Here comes the miracle, the gut-wrenching truth that no finite brain could ever wrap it’s around.

God is good. He cares about

  • the ordinary,
  • the totally messed up
  • the overwhelmed and broken

And, He loves us with an everlasting love. Underneath our awkward, often troubled lives are his everlasting arms.

He will never leave or forsake His children. Where ever they are, He is there.  Always.

That’s it. The heart of thanksgiving. The rock bottom of blessing.

Our God.

One thought on “Pilfered Holidays, Candy Stuffed Pillowcases and and Turkeys Dressed to Feed a Hundred and Five-What should we be thankful for anyway?

  1. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful. It is something to be aware of everyday and to be aware of those who have so little. Your blog never fails to touch me in a meaningful way.

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