Parent’s who steal trick-or-treat candy, the circle of life and sex with out love

holloween special

WARNING: This is not a Halloween blog. I figured there was no sense ranting against that holiday. Sure, a few parents sneak candy from their kids  and then invent elaborate excuses as to why they indulge in such shenanigans such as

  • “I eat the stuff my kids don’t like so it doesn’t go to waste.”
  • “I’m just checking for poison-one bite at a time. You know how many creeps there are out there.”
  • “I’m just helping my spouse out. If  he/she starts sneaking candy from little kids who knows what other avenues of crime that will lead to?”

Bottom line. When evil gets ahold of a culture, it starts with the kids- not the candy.

Acid test? You know things are getting tough when the spiritual well-being of children does not matter.

We slowly forget that children are our most precious recourse.  The fruit of a union between two people committed  to each other in holy matrimony, pledged to love each other for the rest of their lives. This love is expressed in a glorious physical union.

The result?  Kids. In that order.

Yes, having kids is a dead give away that you well, did what you did.  No snickering.  It’s a God thing. And, the result is beautiful. The timing may not always be convenient but  is perfect.  The commitment you have for each other turns into a destiny of nurturing and loving a living, breathing bit of eternity.

That’s what family is all about. Relationship. Safety. Commitment.

So where does evil step in?

At the most beautiful part, the moment when two lovers express their lifelong commitment with sex. Problem is, it’s not so beautiful when a guy just wants to do a girl because he thinks her body is “hot” or visa versa. One seduces the other. Or one just takes what they want and leaves.

Sometimes, out of this hormonal rampage, something fragile is created. A human being is conceived. The circle of life begins all over again. But, it can not go on.

Something is wrong.

A process that was meant to end in a

  • safe place,
  • committed relationship,
  • loving home,

ends up in a emotionally charged mess of confusion and hurt. So much for playing Russian roulette with your life and the lives of children yet to be born.

You want to have sex?

Think long term. Find someone you can commit to for the rest of your life. Fall in love. Get married.  Have sex. Do what you were created to do. In that order.

It’s all about the kids.

On the flip side, when a baby is conceived, all the gossipers, lookyloos  and head shakers need to smack the self-righteousness right out of themselves.

A baby without a secure future should never be abandoned. Young moms and their babies belong to the community around them . That’s us, my friend. Our job is to support in any way we can. At any time, for as long as it takes to make sure that baby will survive and thrive.

Easier said that done. That’s the thing with blogs. You can rage against the night and then log out. I know. I’m guilty of doing this very thing.

So put your money where your mouth is. Support pregnancy centers that advocate the unborn child. Befriend and encourage young and single moms.

Oh, and love all sorts of  kids. Encourage them. Don’t just make all over the cute ones with the important parents. Pay attention to the ones who are needy, whose family situation may be rough. They need all the nurturing they can get.

As for kids and Halloween, here’s a wee bit of advice. .

Try not to get all spooked out and hide in your basement hoping no one will cast a spell on your house. Open the door and hand out candy. Pray silently for each kid who comes to your door. As for the teens that run around in wacky wardrobe hoping to scare the candy out of you, pray for them, too.

We have got to love this generation any way we can.