.44 Magnums, Dog sleds and Meditation – what to do when the information age starts to mess with your mind.


laptop time

Sometimes my head literally aches with all the ideas, opinions and clever concepts pouring in from

  • Facebook,
  • twitter,
  • television,
  • magazines
  • and newspapers.

Top that off with a few this-is-what-you-should-do-with-your-life kind of seminars and I’m pretty much in danger of major cerebral breakdown. 

Trust me, not the kind of thing you want to put  on your resume unless you are looking to mayor of Crazy town.  

Good thing I’m a dual citizen. It gives me two options –

  1. Be a good American and blast the offending laptop and computer screen away with my trusty .44.
  2. Do the Canadian thing and ride my dog sled so far up the Yukon any new ideas would freeze before they got into my brain. 

Bottom line, too many ideas from too many sources can be really confusing. How should we think? What should we do? 

Most of the time the answers we seek lie within us. It’s just a matter of listening, not to the chatter around us but to what is going on inside.  


  • worship
  • prayer and
  • just spending time with God

we can began to see clearly who we are and how we should live our everyday life. 

Of course, the gurus will continue to hang around cyber space with more advice than any one human could process in a lifetime. Trust me, I know. I’m writing a blog myself. Right now.

Somebody is always ready to say about something  about 

  1. how to spend your money, save your money, or live on no money whatsoever.
  2. who to marry, where to spend your honeymoon or whether you should even be in a relationship at all.
  3. where to go, what music to listen to and what to eat. 

The dilemma of what to do with all you suddenly know can just about drive you round the bend.  At the very least, you may find yourself spending way too much time on such nebulous matters as likes, comments and shares.  Trust me, I know. 

My advice?

Back off.

Take the time to clear your mind and balance your soul. Then, you can navigate the wild and wonderful information jungle wisely and make choices of your own.

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