Life lessons from Planet Preschool: Grab a mike and rejoice. Christ is born.


This last Sunday I barely made it to church on time. Most seats were taken. Duh, it was the Sunday of the Christmas play put on by the Kingsway kids. Who wouldn’t be on time?

So, I snagged what was left- a side seat. Not the best view, but hey, it was a cushy seat in a warm place. No complaining.

That all changed when the play began. Hard to see the action from the sidelines. But, it was still doable. 

Then, the preschoolers stumbled out onto stage.

Best part, always. I mean, who can resist the cutest stage of human growth? 

I thought I was doomed to view shadows and profiles until a kid the size of a loaf of bread broke ranks. He left the other mini-humans and scrambled to my side of the platform. He stopped in front of a mike stored at the end of the stage. Facing away from the entire production, he stood on his tiptoes and sang.   

Not sure if he had the words right, not even sure if he knew what the getting-on-the-stage thing was all about. But, his joy was spot on.

Take a page from a preschooler. Find your own mike. Anywhere. Even if it faces the side wall of a dead end.

Stand on your tippy-toes and let the joy begin.

Rejoice. Christ is born.

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