Quiche, the Death Penalty and Sugar Addiction- teetering on the verge of change.

Look what I did in 2014!

2 quiche

I know, I know. It’s still 2013. But, hey, I’m already there in my head. And my first creative act of  2014 (think cerebral time travel) was to make a quiche. (Isn’t that what real men eat?)

Oh, and for all you purists out there, the crust you see in the pic came with the pie plate I bought at IGA. Yes, store bought. I said this was my first creative act not my first step in self torture.

You see, I am not a cooking fiend like my husband. He eats a savory entrée at a restaurant and  he has to conquer it. The very next day, he

  • stirs,
  • blanches,
  • froths,
  • braises,
  • cures,
  • and marinades

all kinds of weird but edible ingredients until they form a staggering dish of culinary genius.

My strategy, when presented with a new food, is to eat the dang  thing and move on. Oh, and move is a very good idea if all you do is eat but that is another blog.

Back to the quiche. It all came about when  I decided to take a page from the fabulous and very colorful Pioneer Woman Cooks Food cook book.

Note to reader – I got this amazing cook book for Christmas from my son and Tulsa-raised daughter in law. Yes, they absolutely, totally surprised me when they showed up at my doorstep in in Canada. Brought me to tears and made my holiday definitely merry and bright. But, that is another story for another day.


Confession- I tried to fancy up the pic so it would scream “I can cook all kinds of stuff”. Instead, it whines “we are running out of food and will have to sell the book to make ends meet.” Not the effect I wanted. That’s what I get for trying to give a book just a bit of personality.

Back to the subject at hand.

I am a processed foods junkie. And, although it is a euphoric rush to down a bag of sour cream and onion chips or a fistful of Lindt truffles, it becomes a downer in the long run. Just ask my doctor. She is waiting to see changes when I come in for my next check-up.

So, the recently made quiche (this morning) is a symbol of my quest for fresh foods, meals made from scratch. Not that we don’t have that kind of thing in our house. My husband is the king of gourmet foods made from the best of whole foods. It’s just that I do the Monday through Friday cooking and I need easy to make stuff that is not full of enough preservatives so that I can literally pass the leftovers on to my great-great grandkids.

But, I need a healthy way of eating that does not consume the entire day. I do have a life, you know.

In the spirit of full disclosure, my mom does most of the cooking during the week while Dennis and I work. Due to a  strange and disturbing  twist of fate, she is going away for a month. No more phone calls for mom to juice up a healthy drink  or drive to Wendy’s for a salad.  I don’t understand why she wants to take a vacation -visit my siblings instead of waiting on my hand and foot.  Yes, life is full of mysteries.

Bottom line –the weekday cooking is going to be up to me.

So, starting January 10th I am going to actually plan ahead fresh foods meals and snacks the night before each day. Each. Night. Before. Each. Day.

Yikes, that sounds dreadfully dull and tedious.

Opps, sorry for the discouraging word. That is just crazy self talk from my sugar-crazed, inner impulsive eater.

But, hey, lifestyle changes are NOT easy. Just blogging this is causing my  my blood pressure to skyrocket.

But, it’s time to be healthy. I’m not talking a weird living-from-celery-stick-to-celery-stick existence. I enjoy food. No, I love food. It speaks to me when I’m lonely. It joins me when I celebrate and it sadates me when I’m out of control.

Serious stuff.

So I got to make changes that are doable for the long haul. No fad diets. No crash eating plans of 500 calories or less a day. Is that even possible?  My pet worm eats more than that. Just kidding. I don’t have a pet worm, just a really weird dog or two. And, they only sat still for the pic in hopes that

  1. my camera was made out of raw meat
  2. and I just might drop it at any moment.

wierd dogs

So, here goes- in about 10 days I will not only change my diet but my way of executing meal planning. Execute is an interesting word choice. What comes to mind? The Green Mile. Law and Order. The ultimate punishment for heinous crimes.

Do you sense a bit of apprehension here or is it just a commentary on my cooking?

But, hey, who said that positive change is easy? I’m addicted to all kinds of sugar and greasy salts. THAT is the very reason I need the change.

Anyway, here’s to a happy New Year’s day and a blessed and challenging 364 more days!

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