Truth and Lies and Heaven- knowing which song to sing along.


Yeah, I’ve done it.  Still do it.

I believe in lies. Stupid lies. Raging, scandalous lies and dangerously beautiful lies.

I used to hate it when I found out I’ve been duped. “Stupid, stupid, stupid,” I’d mutter to myself, “How could you fall for that?”

But, I’ve changed my rant from “Stupid, stupid, stupid” to “thank you Jesus, I see the light.”

The light is the truth, the glorious reality that I had no time for when I was stumbling around living out some ridiculous primus that never really made sense. But usually I went along with it because

  • someone told me that was the way life was  
  • everyone else seemed to believe it too
  • I was afraid to hope for anything better.

Living a lie is like being a part of some kind of Saturday morning cartoon.   Everything might seem bright and cheerful, but it’s all one dimensional. There is nothing beyond the picture. Life at best is flat. But, if you don’t know the truth, the lie is all you got. So you ignore the obvious and make do with the cartoon.

I don’t fall for lies like scams or emails from some weirdo in a foreign country needed me to deposit money so I could split their inheritance. But, I was and still am a real sucker for anything that addresses my insecurities as a woman.

Maybe I got my first dose of lies from Disney. I don’t think there has been a princess who weighed over 90 pounds until Shreck’s wife and Pocahontas. Then, there was the pay off- literally. The girl got her guy, the guy got his girl. Fame. Wealth. It all went along with the happily ever after.

Truth is, God loves each and every human being. We can know God through His son Jesus. The Holy Spirit has been given to us to bear fruit like love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, patience and more.

And, don’t think what this world has to offer comes even close to our final destination.

We have a home in heaven, eternity with the one who loves us beyond our imagination. No more pain. No more sorrow. No more loneliness. We will connect and be known deeply and fully.

When all the lies are done singing their fancy songs –

truth remains.

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