Canadians say please, thank you and excuse me a million times a day. But, every once in a while, we’ve just got to apologize for being so great.



This ole world is full of mean girls, creepy guys, perverted old men and bitter vindictive women who just look for an opportunity to hurt the people who hurt them.

There are haters, gossipers, sharp- tongued taunters and racist bigots who can’t stand anyone even a little bit different than themselves.

And, then, there are the ordinary people who just live their lives honestly, simply and without asking anything more than to be a part of positive change.

It’s good to hear from them once in a while, give them a pat on the back and let them know that they do make a difference in this crazy world.’

Maybe this is a bit of a stretch, but I think that Canada is to other countries what an ordinary hardworking person is to some pretty aggressive, arrogant people who don’t understand the power of being comfortable with who you really are.

Canada is not always noticed, not always appreciated, not expected to really shake up the balance of things or rub elbows with the greats.

But, sometimes it happens.

Like in Sochi. We are doing pretty good with those medal counts. And, I must add,  we are doing it with Canadian politeness, dignity and creativity.

That’s the thing about being ordinary and polite. When you do end up winning once in a while, you do it with grace. Everyone cheers.

So far-

4 Gold medals

4 Silver

and 2 bronze

Go Canada.   

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