Driving Drunk, Alfred Hitchcock and the Marshmallow Queen


marshmallow lady made by lily

Hey, don’t judge the marshmallow queen.

I think she’s kind of cute the way she is. But, hey, more on that later. First, I want to make a confession.

Last Christmas, I got pulled over for drunk driving.

Yep, little ole me.

Location: somewhere on 8th street between Aldergrove and Abbotsford.

Time: around 9:45 p.m.

Weather conditions: cold and dry and super dark

Mitigating circumstances: My daughter-in-law was in the car with me. She listens like a boss, like the awesome therapist/social worker she is. It’s all her fault. She makes me feel so heard that I get all teary-eyed and speed up and sow down with the flow of conversation.

I know, weird.

But, she is great. And, not drunk. Neither was I. Plus, we were looking for the side road that leads to the Bates Motel film set.  There’s an Alfred  Hitchcock House on the hill right behind it. And, we didn’t want to miss the turn off.

Yeah, I know. In the dark. Weird.

So, I got emotional. It’s not who I want to be. but, it’s what I do so often. Not so fun especially when I get pulled over on the suspicion of driving drunk.

For all you sensationalists out there, I wasn’t.

But, I confess, I feel

  • too deeply
  •  too often.

After all, I am the marshmallow Queen. Sometimes my entire being gets all soft and squishy with a million different emotions. It’s like PMS on steroids.

I don’t like it one bit. But, that’s who I am sometimes. A bundle of hormones.

But, hey, you don’t have to be middle aged, hormonal or even a  woman to end up in a heap of hopelessness.

You just have to be human.

News flash: we all fall down.

Trust me, I try to climb as high as I can go to get away from this part of me. I get all buffed up with books and mental exercises. And, I pray. I ask God to take it all away and make me super strong.

Then, stuff happens.

Fact is, we all fall down time and time again.

That’s the amazing thing about redemption. We don’t fall into some kind of endless space of eternal doom.

We tumble right into the depth of God’s love.

It’s an ocean of forgiveness and cleansing. It’s open arms of comfort and hope. It’s always, always beneath us.

Now, that’s good news.