Lumpy Pancakes, Weird Holidays and Re-defining Mom Success.

syryp and pancakes

Motherhood is a complex thing. And, Mother’s day can just be well, just weird.

It’s always on a Sunday.

And, it can be awkward if you don’t have an adorable kid to give you a cute little card slathered with glue after Sunday school.

Maybe your kids grew up and moved away and this day really makes you miss them something fierce.

Maybe your kids are raising hell on every side and you are certain the whole church is thinking that one collective thought.

Or, maybe you don’t have kids and you wish you did and today you feel totally naked without a family of your own.

It’s like life is a stack of pancakes  and your stack is pretty lame compared to everyone else’s.

I’ve got news for you. It’s not about the pancakes, It’s all about the syrup -the

  • sweet, smooth presence that
  • slides over all the lumpy doughy mess
  • fills in the gaps
  • and slides through the cracks

of all the blunders and disappointments and “stuff” that happens along the way.

That’s what being a mom is all about. Moms embrace all kinds of people and mother them to maturity. Some pancakes are mentally challenged or emotionally ill. Others struggle with physical challenges or even broken hearts at a young age. Then, there are those pancakes who just have a hard time finding their place in this world.

Stuff happens and moms are there.

I grew up with an awesome mom. She saw past our running noses and  embraced who we really were underneath.

Thing is, Moms are not only syrup, they are they are anti-abandonment, pro-youcandoit machines with great big hearts. They may or may not have ever had biological or even legal custody of kids themselves. But, they love kids and are committed to their spiritual, emotional and physical well-being.

We all need to be nurtured. We need to be seen and loved for who we are whether we are two, twenty two or sixty two years of age.

So, get your grove on, moms.

Love the world around you without apology. Nurture the folks who need you.

Married, single it doesn’t matter. There are plenty of lonely people to go around -hearts who need a hug, lost little faces who need to be seen. Precious secrets that need to be heard.

Find your stack of pancakes. Be the syrup and spread the love.

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