Dreams, Persecution and Public Praise- what to do when you feel too helpless to do anything at all.


nanoom godtube


Last night I dreamed that my life was in danger. I grabbed clothes for my kids (they were little in my dream) and threw a few snacks into a back pack. We all ran into the woods and kept running and running and running

until I woke up.

I know. It sounds crazy. What is the matter with me? Do I have unresolved issues from the past, subconscious phobias about eating my own home cooking or are the fumes from my husband’s sweaty socks messing with my mind?

None of the above.

Think it comes from watching too much TV? Not this time.

It’s the news on the internet.

Seriously, I am troubled by what is going on in other parts of the world, persecution, racism and just plain suffering. Maybe my dream is a subconscious form of solidarity with people in extreme danger. It bothers me when I take time to think about it. People suffering in situations we not begin to imagine. People whose lives are in danger just because they believe in God. I want to help. But, what can I do?

Pray.  Support churches in those areas with donations.

That’s all.

Or, so I thought.

This afternoon I and my daughter-in-law were looking at Facebook together. I guess I was trying to impress her with the fact that I actually do have friends in the virtual world..a few anyway. I mean my mom follows me on this blog and I always get posts from that lady who knows how to get pet stains out of carpets.

Suddenly, I there was another contact – the Nanoom group. I’d been following them for over a year. Every time I went on their page I got blessed in a big way. You see, they are a group of Korean young people who love to  dance to the glory of God. In fact, their goal is to get people from every nation to worship together in the streets of Vancouver.


You have got to see the praise mob they did in downtown Vancouver and on the beach. I’ve watched it more than a dozen times. We Worship You is now one of my favorite praise songs.


There is another one that gives me goose bumps. It’s an amazing rendition of “Joyful, Joyful we adore Thee”.


Well, you probably have guessed by now that I got on a looking-at-praise-mobs roll. Good thing because I found one amazing praise mob that included a bunch of people like me- not so young and not so in shape. Take a look at the 2nd Baptist church in Houston, Texas working it to the tune Dance Your Feet off.
2nd baptist church flash mob

They really know how to get their worship grove on!


Seriously, seeing all kinds of ordinary people praising God together gives me hope. And it sure beats packing frantically in my dreams so that I can flee with my children and husband through the forest all night. (Yes, it was a long dream.)

If God’s children can stand up for Him in countries where being a Christian can mean death, we can surely praise God in Canada and America and any other country where there is freedom of religion.

So what can we do when we come face to face with the darkness in this world?

I say, run into the night with our hands raised high. Praise God anywhere and everywhere. Pray for people around you. Love them with the love of our amazing God.

1st Chronicles proclaims some pretty powerful words from an ancient Psalm-

Sing to Him, sing praises to Him;
Speak of all His wonders.
Glory in His holy name;

proclaims an ancient Psalm in 1st Chronicles chapter 16. Whether you sing, pray, dance or talk non stop about His wonders don’t be afraid to take it to the street.

In solidarity, in humility, praise to Almighty God.

He is good!

3 thoughts on “Dreams, Persecution and Public Praise- what to do when you feel too helpless to do anything at all.

  1. Love your blogs Renee!! This one got me looking at a bunch of flash mobs on you tube!! I love those!! Yes the world is really getting crazy, it’s a wonder we all don’t have bad dreams! But we know that we will some day be where there are no bad dreams, or even bad reality, we will be singing and dancing with Jesus!! That’s what I have to focus on. Love you!

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