Rodents, Meltdowns and the Two Faces of Fear


Sound scary and dark? Not all the time.

hole in heaven 2

Fear can be a good thing. Trust me, I know.

My mom used the power of fear to make sure I

  • looked both ways before crossing the street, 
  • never talked to strangers or  
  • walked along the edge of a cliff. .

Over the last few decades I’ve added a few of my own-

  • log off of Facebook when delightful postings of deliriously happy people get you down. 
  • don’t honk your car horn in time to radio tunes if you’re driving behind a biker gang.
  • always wash the top of pop cans before you drink in case rats ran across the top when they were in storage.

So far, no trace of rodent has touched my lips. I back off of Facebook when the “perfect life” postings messed with the way I viewed my ordinary life.  And, don’t you know it,  I always keep my rhythm to myself when the Hell’s Angels pass me on the highway. 

The other side of fear is dangerous. The sheer force of it’s claims can   paralyze me in mid-stride.

Fear of

  • failure
  • disapproval

and the unknown can stop me from moving forward. It can stop me from functioning like a normal human being. Before I know I stop dreaming, hoping and even believing.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s ok to get the shivers once in a while. It’s perfectly acceptable in the world of the spirit to fall flat on your face.

I know. Every time I look in the mirror I remember how human I am. 

“When I am afraid,”  King David confessed to God in Psalms 56, “I will put my trust in you.”

God can do what we cannot do. He can be what we cannot be. If we trust in Him, He will give us the wisdom to maneuver through the most intimidating situations.


God cares for us more deeply than we can fathom. His goodness toward us is staggering. We belong to Him in ways that are beyond our understanding. His plan for our lives boggle the imagination.

So, don’t let fear hide the majesty and glory of God in your life. What you dare not do because of fear may be the very thing you were created to do all along.

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