The thing about being a grandma

It was March 1st, 1986. In a Dallas Texas hospital Dr. Stall placed a newborn baby in my arms.  Exhausted from days of labor,  foggy from emergency C section anesthesia, I was convinced my life had become some kind of fantastical dream.

Then, I went home.

  • without the nurses.
  • without the painkillers.
  • without a food tray magically appearing three times a day.

My family visited and then went back to their own home. My husband went back to work. Then, baby started to cry and so did I.

 I think we were both worried about being left alone. Totally. Forever.

That was definitely the hormones speaking.By the time all four of my kids had been born, I don’t think I had one moment alone.

 I’m a grandma now.  It’s  

  • Wonderful.
  • Magical.
  • Addictive beyond belief.


Makes me want to revisit my own early parenting years. That didn’t go so good. It was like trying to recall the details of a roller coaster ride. 

Nothing but a blur.

That’s why being a grandparent is so great. I’m allowed to live in slow motion, to savour each moment I have with my grandkids. 

It’s great, being a grandma.IMG_0054

It really is.

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