The end of the world or just another ordinary day?


I woke up this morning to the sound of a helicopter flying overhead. Black and spindly as some kind of si-fi creature. 


Well, not so much any more. Dial back about three decades and I would have been running for the basement, checking bedrooms as I fled to see if I’d been left behind.

Yeah, I am a product of eschatological terrorism.

During the Seventies I was so terrified of God snatching all the Christians away, I just about swore off flying or driving on the freeway. I was a preacher’s kid after all. Church people were always pointing out where I messed up. What if God saw me like they saw me? What if he took all the Christians to heaven and left me behind?


During one youth group meeting I watched a dramatization about life on earth after all the Christians were gone. The most chilling scene was when helicopters chased down a girl. Her crime was believing in God after all her friends disappeared. 

Yeah, lots of fun.

That night I dreamed I was that girl. When I woke up the next day I was relieved that it was just an ordinary day.

No helicopters. No mass exodus of everyone I love.

I’ve learned a lot since the seventies. Of course, I still don’t totally understand eschatology. And, I still get a bit shaken up when people express their disapproval of me. But, I now know I don’t have to figure it all out.  God understands the end times better than any theologian on this planet.  I just have trust Him.

Most importantly, I know that God does not dwell in the condemnation of other people. They made up all that stuff on their own.

Truth is -God’s love never fails.

He never gives up. Instead, he waits patiently for each one of us to embrace His redemption. He longs for the moment when we begin to walk in the the truth of His love.

He never gives up. Not on me. Not on you. Every ordinary day is an extraordinary gift of His love. 


Happy Mother’s day!

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