“Limitless” and the kind of pills I need to expand my world

picture of pills

Last night, I plopped down on the couch beside Molly (the family dog) and watched the season premiere of “Limitless”. I love the premise.   Imagine using every cell of your brain to it’s full capacity. What an amazing and wonderful life you could lead.

Or, so you’d think.

Brian Finch (played by Jake McDorman) takes a pill and ends up dodging traffic, playing chicken with a subway train and stumbling into not one but two murder scenes.

Spoiler alert- he gets into more and more trouble while needing more and more pills.

It’s a great show but I think if that were my reality I’d need handfuls of tranquilizers along with the pills. Seriously, no one is wired to stay on a tension high all of the time.

Let’s get real. I’d consider myself “limitless” if I could remember the names of people I’ve known for years, where I put my car keys or what I needed to buy at the store after I got there.

When it comes to limitless, what I truly desire is a heightened sense of the incredible world around me. I’m not talking about waterfalls, rugged trails winding through deep forest and brilliant sunsets.

It’s the breathtaking miracle of relationship I’d love to wrap my mind around.

To share even a brief smile with another human being involves a complex exchange of communication. A hug. Laughter. And those moments of deep sorrow bind us in ways even Brian Finch will never fully comprehend.

Bottom line -the God of the Universe is our example. He chose to get to know mankind by sending his own son Jesus. The Son of God

  • walked with
  • touched and
  • listened to

ordinary people in extraordinary ways.  After his death and resurrection, Jesus returned to his Father in Heaven. But, Jesus did not leave us alone. He left a comforter – the Holy Spirit of God.

That’s my pill, my “limitless” portal. Letting the Holy Spirit change me on the inside is what I need.  That’s my challenge in this roller-coaster culture. To stop and be still. To be quiet and listen to the whisper of the Divine inside me.

Let the miracle begin.

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