Weird is how you change the world


During a family visit, I got a chance to explore downtown Portland.

It was weird.

Funky clothes, a guy wearing a bright purple hero mask while riding a bike, Voodoo donuts, lamb-bacon and egg sandwhiches with pickled veggies.


Best day in a long time!


Because weird  can be refreshing ( as long as it’s not

  • kinky
  • making fun of people

or serial killer kind of weird).

I really struggle sometimes with being different from other people. It’s that old comparison game. Why can’t I think like, talk like, work like, look like certain people that I think are much more successful or likeable than me?

Truth is,  imitating another person can make us boring as watching the reruns of Gilmore Girls.  I mean, how many times can you sit and watch Lorelai Gilmore and her cutesie daughter Rory wow the town of Stars Hollow with their crazy, quirky ways before you lose your lunch?

At best, you may come across as annoying. At worst, you may lose the effectiveness you were meant to have on this world by just being who God created you to be.

So be weird. Different. Unique. Even misunderstood.

Let go of trying to impress other people and keep it real. You-flaws, quirks and all- are on earth for a reason. Don’t imitate anyone but Jesus.

In a world full of posturing, fake profiles and fabrication, authenticity is rare and beautiful.

Let that be you.

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