Breathtakingly beautiful-I’m talking about you :)

I walk most every day. Take the dogs out and get moving. Usually my motivation though somewhat noble, is not so uplifting. “You gotta lose that double chin,  firm up and change your image,” whispers a self-righteous voice  in my head, “if you want to be valued, to be respected, to be loved”.


I’m just not buying it.

I figure I just need to be.

I need to be ok with the skin that I live in. I need to embrace the essence of being alive.That’s why I took up hiking.



It sure beats counting every bite I eat and hating the very sight of myself when I look in the mirror. That’s no way to live. In fact, if you want to get down and dirty theologically it’s really screwed up.

According the ancient text Psalm 139:49 “we are fearfully and wonderfully made”.


Those bulges and skin flaws, slightly crooked teeth and crazy-like-a-scarecrow hair days  don’t spell out what you think they do.

It’s not the word Loser, Reject, or That Girl Who Just Isn’t Enough.

Newsflash- what you think is so ugly is actually beautiful, a message of God’s love, the wonder of his sacrifice for each and every one of us.

Each and every one of us are cherished in the eyes of God.

On that note, I took a hike. It’s been something I’ve been thinking about doing.Letting go of all the things I need to fix before embracing, well, being alive.

With my 82-year-old mom in tow, we headed for a trail a short drive away from our little trailer in the foothills of Mount Baker.

Maple Creek.


I stumbled over rocks while Mom clumped behind me with her cane. As the dusk began to settle around us, I could hear the creek raging just beyond the treeline. IMG_0756

I took gulped in air so clean and fresh my lungs barely knew what to do with it.It was one of those moments when all the silly lies about body image, the pressure of other people’s expectations and the unfounded fears about my future fell away. I was up close and personal with truth.


God is good. His mercy is everlasting.

His creation is breathtaking.


And I’m not just talking about the great outdoors.

I’m talking about me and you, and who we really are in the eyes of God.

End of story? Mom and I and the two dogs made it to the head of the trail before we even needed my flashlight. Good thing. Those dog treats wouldn’t have lasted too long between the four of us if we had gotten lost. I got into the car, refreshed and invigorated, ready to take on the challenges of life.

Now that’s beautiful.


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