Baby Steps – exciting ways to change in the new year


This week I’m starting three new adventures-

  1. I’m beginning the Learning Specialist program at Cambrian College in Ontario

No, I did not move to Ontario. This is an online adventure. My Learning Specialist program begins with an introduction to learning disabilities, ADHD and autism. Although I’ve worked with amazing people who struggle with these types of challenges, I want to learn more. This is one part of my life, facilitating growth in the talents and gifts of people with unique brain chemistry. They are brilliant, courageous and creative, so much so, that I need to up my game to keep up with them!!!

2. My second adventure is to finish a book that I began years ago. Now THIS is a messy and daunting prospect. Every time I start to work on it I just want to crawl in bed and take a nap, watch TV or even clean a bathroom. Yeah, that bad. I say I love to write but love is a funny thing. The idea is much more compeling sometimes than the living of it. Well, living here I come. It’s time. Yes, even though I feel like I’m getting ready to roll around in the dumpster. But, hey, got to start somewhere.adgong to viccmessy and scattered. Daunting in the sense that I have no idea how to  proceed.I know I will learn

3. My third and final adventure is embarking on the WordPress Blogging course 101. It’s time to clean up my blog. Watch out, livinginloserville!  You are about to get a make-over.

But, hey! Here is my first assignment. Answer-

Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?Why?

Oh, k…I feel like Dr. Suess with all the who and why and where stuff.

Right off the pages of Horton Hears a Who. Imagine me with wide eyes and straggly, raggly hair saying except..I’m the girl who grew up to be mommy and wife. I loved every minute of the stay-at-home life.

“I’m the girl who grew up to be mommy and wife. I loved every minute of the stay-at-home life.

But nobody told me that kids grow up so fast. Suddenly my job was a thing of the past.

This creature I’d become was a stranger to me, as dumpy and useless as a clunky TV.

I fussed and I pouted and raged till I cried, but aging and change is part of being alive.

lol, spoiler alert, I didn’t move to Whoville or become the Grinch. Instead, I grew up, looked around me and realized that everyone struggles with change. Most everyone feels, at some point, misshapen and weary in the wild storms of life. We lose sight of the  wonder of just being, the beauty of breathing and walking and moving, the miracle of connection even though it may be as minute as a “hey” or “how are you”. We forget that the greatest thing we can do is touch another life, exchange hope if we chose.

Yeah, I’d like to bring hope and  perspective to people who are bogged down with responsibility, expectations, and overwhelming circumstances. Nothing big as massive change but tiny steps to make lasting change in the way we see life.H maneuvering all the unexpected things that life throws at us. We all need to know They struggle with feeling

I’m not talking about massive change, but tiny steps that brings joy from everyday awareness of what we truly have and can have if we just stop and relax.

First, I am going to change my blog name (soon as I need to renew the rights to my old name soon).aThe

Secondly, I want to outline what I want to address and who I want to reach

Thirdly, I am counting on this course and my amazing course mates to inspire me and help me out so I can be practical as well as all airheaded.

I want to be in a new place with my blog by this time next year, with material to offer and short courses for people to take.

So, I know you didn’t ask, but that is what has been on my mind.



And the ability to appreciate and draw upon the here and now.



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