Death, Hell and the grave- who’s your daddy now?

My Dad was just like any other dad. A human being with an expiration date. A body that started winding down the moment he was born.

In fact, dad tested that expiration date two times before he died. He suffered two heart attacks.  During the second one his heart stopped completely.  Dad recalled looking down from the ceiling and wondering who the guy was on the gurney.

Then, dad slid away from the room. His spirit moved toward the most magnificent colours he had ever seen. Everything around him grew warm and vibrant. Dad knew he was coming into the presence of Jesus. Finally, my dad was heading home.


But, he stopped. Then turned away.

“My kids still need me,” he said.

Suddenly, Dad gasped for breath. Pain washed over him as medical professionals worked to save his life.

It was not his time to go.

When Dad’s time came years later, he was ready.

All because of the Resurrection.

Without the Resurrection Jesus was just another man with great ideas. Without the Resurrection, the Bible was just another volume of philosophy. Without the resurrection, nothing really changed in endless cycle of pain and suffering.

That is why I celebrate the tearing and ripping of death, hell and the grave. The stone rolling away from an empty tomb. Two women running with joy through the morning light to spread the news.

He is risen.

Absolutely, without a doubt, my dad’s in heaven.

All because of the Resurrection.