I grew up in a fundamentalist baptist home and raised my kids in a strong charismatic church.  Very different approaches to Christianity but in some ways much the same.  Both disapproved of ordinary people who dared to question leadership.  And, if leadership disapproved then God himself disapproved.  Instead of seeing the hypocrisy of it all, I got so stressed trying to “make” God happy I forgot what truth looked like.  It took decades to gather the courage to search out God for myself.  I found out that I didn’t need a high priest or a big named evangelist to pave the way.  God is truth.  Alone.  All the rules and traditions are just, well, rules and traditions if they are not in line with His truth and His love.  This blog documents my search. On the way I have constantly struggled with fear; of God, of other people and fear of my puny little self.   But, I had to know the truth so I kept on searching.  never gave up.

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